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    2 weeks :( But I like this service...

    2 weeks :( But I like this service as they truly make great papers. Although, they are not the best service that you can find on the web. I`m thankful that they fastly...
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    look for math tutor

    Hi I look for math teacher native English speaking for my daughters. please contact me
  3. What is your favourite film genre and why?

    What is your favourite film genre and why?
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    Whole home surge protection

    Anyone retro fitted one to their panel?
    With so many household appliances/led lighting with delicate circuitry now,grunty protection surely is a must these days.
    I found on Amazon a model made by...
  5. Would you use an essay writing service?

    I use essay writing services all the time to get my assignments done. I do this to get time to work and make money. I get good grades and find time to make money. Is it unethical?
  6. Upcoming ICOs Discussion (Initial Coin Offerings)

    Didn't see a specific thread for this, so thought it might be worthwhile having an upcoming (and current) discussion thread for crypto ICOs. Personally I think most of the ICOs out there are...
  7. Looking to buy Instagram followers

    I am looking to buy Instagram followers, send me PM with your best offer $/per 1000.
    Can you get followers from specific locations? Can you drip feed followers? And, how long do they last?
  8. Maintenance of Continuous Residence following Legal Permanent Resident Status

    According to USCIS website, one of the conditions of establishing residency is to be present for a period of 6 months out of the year. My parents arrived in November 2017 on an LPR status.

    It is...
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    Website Creation

    I'm in the process of starting a business. I need a simple website that looks great in both a desktop and mobile browser. I'd prefer to have it built. Please recommend me some companies and feel free...
  10. Need a template to contact my representative about my naturalization application

    Hi Everyone,
    My roommate and I decided to file for N-400 Application for naturalization online at the same time, less than three months and he is a citizen and I have been waiting for 6 months now....
  11. I have had great success with Disk Drill! :p...

    I have had great success with Disk Drill! :p maybe this article might help:
  12. i use disk drill

    i use disk drill
  13. thank you:)

    thank you:)
  14. thanks for sharing guys

    thanks for sharing guys
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