Updates for Gnex on Rogers?

This is a discussion on Updates for Gnex on Rogers? within the Rogers (Canada) forums, part of the Galaxy Nexus Carriers category; Originally Posted by Taylsmum After reading through wugfresh's tutorial for the Nexus Root Toolkit 1.5.2... then reading peoples comments and issues... then reading some more... ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Taylsmum View Post
    After reading through wugfresh's tutorial for the Nexus Root Toolkit 1.5.2... then reading peoples comments and issues... then reading some more... then sleeping on it... for about a week (yeah ok so I was a little paranoid)... Last night I finally backed up, unlocked, flashed stock 4.0.4... and whattayaknow.. instant notification that I had a system update available OTA
    Jelly Bean 4.1.1 now running on my Nexus and the only question I have now is why the heck did I wait so long?
    Good stuff!!!

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    Just a little more info on the continuing saga of lack of updates for Yakjuux Gnex:

    I've been hounding the Facebook page of Samsung Mobile Canada, and I've now caught them lying about Jelly Bean.

    From the representative there: "there has been no officially released Jelly Bean update in Canada for any of our devices. We are working with Google on this update and hope to have an announcement soon. Thank you for your question."

    And then, responding to a user who stated JB was on their Nexus S: "while no Samsung mobile device sold in Canada has Jelly Bean, if your phone was purchased in another country it may have the Jelly Bean update."

    So, apparently this "representative" is completely unaware that almost every Nexus S in Canada already has Jelly Bean, or he/she is lying.

    What's most interesting to me though, is this comment from a user:
    "Just heard from a trusted source that yakjuux (which is the OS version in our Galaxy Nexus) has faulty broken update process where full OS re-flashing is required to fix it. That's why yakjuux never received any minor updates for ICS and it would never receive JB. Samsung is looking for a solution that doesn't require customers to send their phone back to authorized service center in order to fix the problem."

    Anyone here heard this before? Very interesting if true... Samsung has yet to confirm or deny this on their FB page.
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    Well they did mess with Android to create the UX version. Wouldn't be surprising that they completely screwed it up.

    The part about this that annoys me is that I would think that most people bought a Nexus to get away from this problem. I know I did...

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    I think the Gnex is updated to 4.2.2., now (on Rogers)


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