Newbs Guide to Android Forums and it's terminology....ABC's of Android

This is a discussion on Newbs Guide to Android Forums and it's terminology....ABC's of Android within the New Member Introduction & Site Assistance forums, part of the Galaxy Nexus Forum category; I would like to get others to chime in and help me build this up. But I am finding that as new people join the ...

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    Newbs Guide to Android Forums and it's terminology....ABC's of Android

    I would like to get others to chime in and help me build this up. But I am finding that as new people join the same questions get asked over and over and over and over.

    SO.....let's try to put a bunch of answers here for easy reference. This way if nothing else it will help eliminate reoccurring threads about the same topic's as well as provide a single source of information for common questions.

    Please note that not all of this is relative to the Galaxy Nexus...if you don't know....ask.

    Anti Virus= there is NO need for Anti Virus on your device as of yet. Unless of course you want to slow it down with more useless software

    Automated Task Killers= these have no place on your device. Your Android OS has meassures built in that perform this task. If you install more you are simply asking for trouble.

    Bionic Boostrap= this is the only one you can use with your Bionic. The DX and D2 bootstrap apps will not work. This app allows you to access your custom recovery.

    Bloatware= this is the term used to identify pre-installed apps on your device (Blockbuster, CityID, Need for Speed, etc). It is NOT recommended that you uninstall these apps (you can only do this with root) but you can however freeze them. For more information on freezing bloatware see this thread Removing the Bloat 2.2 OTA - (3 Ways) Super Easy & Safe, Safe & Easy, Free

    *IMPORTANT* if you freeze or uninstall any bloatware and wish you take an OTA update you are going to have to defrost those apps or reinstall them. Otherwise you are not going to be able to receive the OTA.

    Bootloader= this is NOT recovery. But you do need to be able to get into this in order to SBF your device. I get into bootloader by holding volume down key and camera key at the same time during power up.

    Bootloop= this is common after SBF's and even ROM flashes, theme flashes, tweaks made in clockwork and so on. Identified by device typically booting to the "M" logo or even boot animation and then cycling....never making it to the actual OS. Bootloops can be resolved by several methods depending on the cause. Sometimes simply wiping davlik cache will resolve.....other times doing factory resets will be the fix.

    Bootstrap= These are applications that allow you to bypass the bootloader and get into Clockworkmod Recovery to flash ROM's, Theme's, and so on. See Droid 2 Bootstrap and Droid X Bootstrap for more information.

    Bricked= this term gets misused and abuse all the time. Very few devices get actually bricked. Bricking a phone is when you CANNOT do anything. Bootloader is corrupted or missing, no SBF's will work, and so on. Please do NOT claim your device to be bricked if you haven't even asked for help unless you are certain it is actually bricked.....which chances are it's not.

    Clockwork Recovery= this is NOT bootloader or stock recovery. This is where all the magic happens with ROM installs, backup's, and so on. You will get this automatically when you install Droid 2 Bootstrap Recovery. This is NOT the stock can tell the difference by simply looking at the color. CWM is green and stock recovery is white.

    De-odex= Apk files have respective odexes that devs use to supposedly save space. Deodexing means you convert it back to a .dex file and put it back inside the apk. This allows you to easily replace files (not having to worry about odexes), but the main point was to deodex services.jar so that you can change all text to different colors (such as the clock color to white) and to deodex services.jar, you would need to deodex everything

    More information can be found here What Is Odex And Deodex In Android [Complete Guide]

    Droid 2 Bootstrap= This is used to perform the job that DX Bootstrap is meant to do. However the D2 version is what is required to function correctly in Gingerbread as DX doesn't work right there.

    Droid X Bootstrap= This does not work as it is meant to. You need Droid 2 Bootstrap as it does work like it is supposed to and works with the DX. DX Bootstrap DOES work on FROYO but not on GB.

    Factory Reset= this does NOT remove root. I know, it imply's that it takes you back to stock but it doesn't. All it does is remove all apps and data. If you want to actually get back to stock (to receive an OTA or return your device) then you need to SBF. This is typically used to accomplish a few things. You can remove all apps to reinstall them in hopes of determining which is causing issues with your device, use Factory Reset to resolve boot loops after SBF, and typically one of the first steps VZW will have you do to troubleshoot your device.

    FROYO= is a previous version of Android OS. This is typically referred to as .340 due to the system build being 2.3.340 Android version 2.2.1

    FXZ= this is the new SBF for Bionic's. Same concept....different file extension. See SBF for more.

    Gingerbread= Android OS that replaced FROYO. This is typically referred to as .596 due to the system build being 4.5.596 Android version 2.3.3. This is also commonly referred to simply as "GB".

    Gingerbreak= this was a method used to root the previous leaked versions on Gingerbread. This does not work for the OTA (596). This is also used to root the Droid X2.

    Google= probably the very most useful tool when it comes to researching anything for your Android device.....or anything else for that matter. Google is your should get familiar with it and use it often

    ICS this is the mack daddy your momma always warned you about. ICS = Ice Cream Sandwich

    Leaks= this is the term given to identify software that is "leaked" from the manufactures or carriers. This is typically versions of OS's or other related software that is still in BETA testing and not released to the public.

    Newb= this is a term or title typically used to identify someone who is new to the hobby. Newb is short for Newbie and also referred to as FNG, Rookie, and so on. This is NOT meant in a disrespectful manor and should not be used as such. Originated in online gaming and is sometimes used as NOOB instead of NEWB however retains same definition.

    OTA= Over The Air, these are updates that are sent directly from carrier (VZW, Tmobile, Sprint) and or manufacturer (HTC, Motorola, Samsung). These are the only updates that are considered official.

    Research= this is a must. If you are too lazy to read and research BEFORE making decisions on your device then you are a victim to your own ignorance. YES....we are here to help and will still try to help you, but you are taking a chance of having no help options should you fail to do the right amount of research. Seriously....just ask the question and you will get the answer.

    ROM's= these are typically custom OS's designed by people like you. Meaning not from Moto, Google, or anyone else. However do not get confused by the "just like you" statement, these developers have spent countless hours designing and testing their custom ROM's. If you flash a ROM designed for a different phone then you should expect serious bricking your device.

    ROM manager= useful tool for flashing clockworkmod recovery as well as ROM flashing, downloading, and backup's

    RSD= this is going to be controversial but I have NEVER had a successful SBF with RSD on my DX. There is a list of common issues you SHOULD expect. If you wish to avoid them then use this CLICK HERE

    SBF= this is the only way to actually put your device back to the "out of the box" status where it is actually returnable without voiding warranty. Best proven method for SBF'ing your Droid X can be found here Linux solution to your Windows/RSD lite problems

    SIM card= this is NOT where your pictures are stored. That is called the SD CARD. There is NO SIM in the DX.

    Stock Recovery= this is not Clockworkmod Recovery. The stock recovery is mostly useful if you wish to factory reset your device.

    Team Black Hat app or TBH for short= this is NOT available in the market. You can only get this app from their website. This app is very useful as you will find leaks here, RSD drivers (for those who use it) as well as RSD versions, SBF files, and more. Here is link to TBH webiste Team Black Hat

    Titanium Backup= this app is primarily used for backing up and restoring apps and data. This does NOT make nandroid or flashable backup's. This is also used to freeze apps that you do not want to uninstall but also do not want to use or allow to be run. Typically used for bloatware. This app requires root.

    *NOTE* it is recommended that you pick up the paid version rather than the free version (this goes with most useful apps though) but here are perks to the paid that IMO make this a must.....such as the ability to freeze apps (paid version only), batch app restores (paid version version requires you to do each app individually) as well as additional support.

    To get more information on how to use Titanium Backup Click Here

    Uninstalling bloatware= this is a bad idea. If you decide later that you want to take an OTA you will not be able to. Better idea is to freeze the Bloatware. But you MUST unfreeze BEFORE you take OTA.

    Z4Root= this DOES work on the DX (unknown in GB but it does in FROYO) it also occasionally has some issues that require a battery pull. But typically on reboot your device is rooted. If not then try again and it should work then. But you MUST do permanent root.....otherwise the moment you reboot you will lose root. As stated this is only proven to work on FROYO and does not work on GB.

    Quick break down of common terms:

    ROM= this is equivalent to Windows or any other operating system.

    Bootloader= this is equivalent to the BIOS of your machine. However this is the stock version. The custom version is Clockworkmod Recovery.

    HTH= Hope That Helps

    IMO= In My Opinion

    IME= In My Experience

    Root= this is what we seek with all of our devices . Basically it unlocks your phone so you can mod or customize it to your liking.
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