Unlocked phone now locked after 4.04 update

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    Question Unlocked phone now locked after 4.04 update

    Hi everyone!!! I have a situation I'm hoping you guys can shed a light for... A week ago, got my wife a Nexus version GT-I9250 - one of those unlock phones as a replacement for her blackberry, I went with Samsung because I've gotten her the Galaxy Tablet already. The phone had Android 4.01 but oftentimes drop the network signal. Few days ago, I've change some settings on the phone and have it updated as I did on some of the other products we have in the house. Yesterday before lunch, I turned the phone off and when I turn it back on, I've notice it's asking for a SIM network unlock PIN, I've tried two other SIM card from different company and it asked for the SIM network PIN as well. I took it back to my retailer but they said it's not part of the warranty because the operating system firmware have change.

    I've check the internet for solutions and Samsung for the phone specs just realize that I can't register the phone as the model number and product code is not in Samsung Canada website. I'm going to try get it unlocked later but my question is - do any of you had encountered with same problem and what did you do to fix it?


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    I'm thinking your phone is not originally factory unlocked but simply software unlocked by the seller. I've heard of the same issue already and that seems to be the reason. If the seller you bought it from claimed it to be factory unlocked, bring it back to complain

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    I had this happen and I contacted the company and they paid to get it unlocked from
    Unlock Samsung - How to Unlock Samsung Phone by Unlock Code - Samsung Unlock

    Later I found out it was a network lock by T-Mobile and yet it was meant to be a Samsung company unlock nexus.
    But the cellunlock team gave me the codes that worked and had no problem since.

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    This happened to me as well. It is not unusual and it can be fixed. What is more you can also prevent it from happening again. As far as I could determine there is no short way back. I had to re-root using WUGFresh. I can't repeat everything I read here but the problem is well described. In short your file was rewritten. Read more about this As with all stock updates from Google, these updates will change the permissions on the su binary so, in effect, you will lose root (for those who have it). Install supercurio's OTA Rootkeeper BEFORE you do all this, or, for those with an unlocked bootloader or CWM installed, just re-flash ChainsDD's Superuser zip file found here in CWM, or manually change the permission via ADB (mount the system and chmod 4755 /system/bin/su) while booted in CWM. Here...
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