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Thread: Codename Android 3.6.0 [GSM]

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    Codename Android 3.6.0 [GSM]

    Here we go..let's get on with the latest...make sure to hit up the CNA forum and give them props.

    Codename Android 3.6.0 - Rom Releases - Codename Android

    * Based off of Clean Android 4.1.1 Rev6 (JRO03R)
    * File Manager Included
    * T-mobile Theme Manager (tmobile, CyanogenMod, xoomdev)
    * T9 Dialer/Landscape/Dialpad Settings (CyanogenMod)
    * Trebuchet Custom Launcher (CyanogenMod)
    * Ability to set custom ringtone delay (in phone settings - Netboy)
    * Framework: added support for caller name display (kenshin)
    * Framework: added HSPA+ support (shows H+ icon on status bar when connected to hspa+ - Bajee11)
    * Framework: ability to set custom carrier label (Netboy)
    * Browser: option open tab in incognito mode (Arham Jamal)
    * Browser: option to close all other tabs (Arham Jamal)
    * Browser: unhid the user agent settings
    * DeskClock: added stopwatch and countdown timer (Jorge Ruesga)
    * DeskClock: added settings to do nothing/snooze/dismiss and alarm by flipping the device (maurodec)
    * DeskClock: you can set an alarm to switch your profile (jorge ruesga)
    * Email: added meeting time to email invitation tab (erezak)
    * Email: added option to enable/disable LED notifications per email account (apohl79)
    * Keyboard: ability to use the volume buttons to move the cursor (romanbb)
    * Settings: ADB over Network (enable TCP/IP debugging over Network interfaces (WiFi, Usb networks)
    * Settings: Added option to disable volume adjustment sound (Settings -> Sound - StevenHarper)
    * Settings: Option to change the devices hostname
    * Settings: Hardware info in about phone (romanbb)
    * Settings: Added nfc poling (sethyx)

    * Custom Camera App: (CyanogenMod)
    - Continuos focus
    - Iso Support
    - Support for red eye reduction
    - Ability to use the power button to take pictures

    * Customizable Messaging App:
    - Added the ability to display a pop-up QuickMessage when an Sms message is received (DvTonder)
    - Added call sender and quick reply notification actions (DvTonder)
    - Added Emoji patch from CM MMS app (Robert Burns)
    - SMS Templates (rciovati)
    - Custom Vibrations (mssmison)
    - Timestamp Options (aravance)

    * Customizable Phone App (CM)
    - Advanced Phone settings (optional vib on outgoing or incoming call or every 45 seconds)

    * Customizable Power Menu (codenamedroid)
    - Reboot Menu
    - Profile Switcher
    - Screenshot
    - Airplane Mode
    - Navigation bar toggle
    - Silent toggle

    * Customizable Status Bar: (Miui, CyanogenMod, romanbb, sethyx, kejar, syaoran12 ,romanbb, Stevespear426, Kyle Teague, Whitehawkx)
    - Battery Icon style
    - Battery Icon in notification bar
    - Miui style battery bar
    - Clock style
    - Customizable Clock Color
    - Clock Am/Pm style
    - Clock Day of the Week
    - Customizable Signal Text
    - Customizable WiFi Signal Text
    - Ability to slide your finger across the status bar to control brightness
    - Notification counter

    * Customizable Notification bar:
    - Notification bar Power Widget (Cvcps, DvTonder CyanogenMod)
    - Notification bar Toogles (AOKP - romanbb)

    * Customizable Navigation Bar: (Zaphod-Beeblebrox, KhasMek, romanbb, akellar)
    - Ability to enable/disable the navigation bar (enable toggle in power menu settings)
    - Customizable navigation button actions
    - Custom navigation bar ring targets (Team Eos, modified by Codenamedroid)
    - customizable navigation bar color (Team Eos, modified by Codenamedroid)
    - Customizable navigation button and button glow color
    - Menu button visibility and location
    - Number of navigation buttons
    - Order of navigation buttons
    - Navigation bar size
    - Navigation bar transparency

    * Customizable Lockscreen:
    - Up to eight configurable lockscreen targets (Codenamedroid)
    - Added optional centered lockscreen layout (Codenamedroid)
    - Optional centered lockscreen clock
    - Option to disable vibration on the lockscreen (StevenHarper)
    - Customizable number of lockscreen targets (CyanogenMod)
    - Configurable lockscreen wallpaper (Danesh M)
    - Option to always show lockscreen battery (Blunden)
    - Add weather to the lockscreen (DvTonder, Danesh M, Marius Volkhart, Rick C, Aokp)
    - Add calendar reminders to the lockscreen (David Morgan)
    - Lockscreen before secure unlock (Danesh M)
    - Ability to unlock with menu (CyanogenMod)
    - Quick pin unlock (unlock with pin/password without pressing ok CyanogenMod)

    * Customizable Sound Settings:
    - Customizable volume panel (Stevespear426)
    - Configurable ascending ringtone (Danny Baumann)
    - Safe headset volume (CyanogenMod)
    - Volume rocker music controls (CyanogenMod)
    - Ability to customize action taken when connecting a headset (syaoran12)
    - Face down actions (syaoran12)

    * Customizable Display Settings: (CyanogenMod)
    - Customizable Rotation Modes
    - Customizable LED Pulse (Duration and Color)
    - Volume wake (tap either the up or down volume key to wake your phone from sleep)
    - Volume music controls (long press volume buttons to skip tracks)

    * Custom Profiles (CyanogenMod)
    - assign different profiles to change the behavior of your phone to your liking

    * Quiet Hours (CyanogenMod)
    - the ability to set when notification sounds, haptic feedback, vibration and notification light will function[/color]

    * Performance Settings:
    - Start-up tweaks (kejar, Jrummy)
    - Processor Speed (xoomdev)
    - Voltage controls (xoomdev)
    - Kernel controls (kejar, Jrummy)

    * Developer Options:
    - Propmodder (Jdkoreclipse)
    - Spare Parts
    - Development app
    - Testing Settings


    * SuperSU
    * Busybox
    * Bash
    * Nano[/color]

    Rom Download Link
    Download Link: Google Apps
    Donation Link: Codename Android (Full Wipe -Data & Cache Needed)

    Codename Android 3.5.0 3.6.0 Changelog

    [Phones added] (Stable):
    Galaxy S3 International - i9300

    [Phones added] (Beta):
    Galaxy S3 Att
    Galaxy S3 Sprint
    Galaxy S3 T-Mobile
    Galaxy S3 US Cellular
    Galaxy S3 Verizon

    * updated AOSP base to 4.1.1_r6 (JRO03R)
    * seperated the ability to center the lock screen widgets and the lock screen targets widget
    * better performing wifi connection
    * wifi will no longer avoid poor connections if not connected to a mobile network
    * HTML 5 video user experience and stability fixes and network optimizations
    * better text rendering
    * enabled fdatasync for SQLite

    * added 720p recording support to the nexus 7 (Mark Kennard)
    * added theme, smiley, emoji, strip unicode and date support for Mms Quick Message
    * added sms over bluetooth (i.e. ability to read sms via car stereo)
    * added feature to configure wifi idle timeout (Entropy512)
    * added the ability to have up to 5 customizable ring targets (Steve Spear)
    * lockscreen widgets can now be on the right, centered, or on the left (FaultException)
    * added timer snapshot support to the camera (Jonathan Steadman)
    * added burst mode to the camera (Jared Caliendo - up to 20 pictures at a time)
    * added jpeg quality settings to the camera (Jared Caliendo)
    * added settings for enabling and disabling WebGL in the browser
    * added option for preloading media in the browser

    * better multilanguage support
    * moved ring targets feature into the navigation bar settings
    * re-organized all phone settings
    * power widget no longer shows data options if they arent supported
    * added landscape layout for the color picker

    * Updated Galaxy Nexus Kernel - Faux 21 Mainline Series
    * Updated Nexus S Kernel - Air Kernel 211

    * fixed navigation bar settings force closing on the xoom
    * fixed weird black line about Mms text feild
    * fixed small down arrow when keyboard is up and phone is in landscape
    * fixed wi-max power widget toggle
    * fixed export-to-storage function in contacts
    * bluetooth audio streaming should be fixed across all music apps and hardware
    * fixed tethering issue that was occurring on some devices
    * reverted to previous CPU Settings while preserving the new voltage settings (more universal, should fix weird issues on Nexus S)
    * automatic lock screen weather refresh will no longer cause freezes

    ** source now also build-able on Linux Mint as well in OSX 10.8 Mountain Lion
    *** CNAWallpapers will not be included as it has been rebuilt and updated for jellybean and we are still working on re-sizing them for all the different device sizes
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    re: Codename Android 3.6.0 [GSM]

    Latest nightly..

    [quote name='codenamedroid' timestamp='1348633565' post='3451']Changelog:

    Nightly 09262012

    * added force tablet and dpi change (Settings -> Interface -> Gerneral UI)
    * added alternate signal layout (Settings -> Interface -> Status bar)
    * added IME switcher and Ring/Vibe toggle as navring target
    * added IME toggler as Navbar target
    * add alow mock sms to developer settings
    * increased themeability of the statusbar
    * added the advanced calulator features from cm[/quote]

    Sent from my flashaholic G-Nex...[/QUOTE]

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