Unlock bootloader and root using a Mac - instructions - credit creaky at DF

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Thread: Unlock bootloader and root using a Mac - instructions - credit creaky at DF

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    Unlock bootloader and root using a Mac - instructions - credit creaky at DF

    Due to the excellent work of forum member sbenson and Evostance over at xda (and a little help from forum member goosedeath and AlexKP at androidforums) I was able to get my CDMA Galaxy Nexus rooted easily using a Mac. I was new to terminal commands but after a few missteps I was able to get everything working. Below is a set of instructions I used and it worked for me. Iím not an expert but I hope that these instructions help anyone who is having problems. Iím not responsible for anything that happens to your device. Many of these instructions are lifted directly from sbenson and Evostance so all credit goes to them.

    When you use a Mac you donít need any additional drivers like you do with a PC. Just plug it in via the USB cable.

    Also, you donít need the MTP drivers for file transfers, either. Iím on OS 10.4 so I assume that other OS versions will behave the same.

    OK, here we go....

    1) Download the superboot file here:

    2) Extract the contents of the superboot zip file into a folder.

    3) Put the folder, called r3-galaxynexys-superboot, in your home directory (I think thatís what itís called Ė itís the thing that looks like a house with your user name in the finder).

    4) Make sure Nexus is fully charged

    5) Enable USB Debugging on the Nexus (This is found by going to Settings > Developer options)

    6) Power your device off

    7) Connect your phone to your computer via the USB cable

    8) Put device into the bootloader by holding down Vol Up + Vol Down + Power. It should look like this:

    9) On the computer, open up terminal (found in Applications>Utilities)

    10) When you open up the terminal youíll see something that looks like this:

    Last login: Fri Dec 23 11:12:36 on console
    [Macintosh-3:~] creaky%

    The last thing before the % should be the name of your home directory. My home directory (the house thing) is called creaky.

    11) To unlock the bootloader (WARNING: THIS WILL WIPE YOUR DEVICE), after the % in that line, type the following lines of code, hitting return after each line (in the second line, type YOUR username WITHOUT the brackets):

    cd /Users/
    cd [your user name-see above instruction!]
    cd r3-galaxynexus-superboot
    ./fastboot-mac oem unlock

    12) You should get a warning on your phone. Use the volume keys to select an option, and press the power button to confirm it. It should look like this:

    13) The terminal should say:
    ... OKAY

    14) Your bootloader on the nexus should now say that it is unlocked at the bottom (Lock State - Unlocked [near the bottom] as well as "Fastboot Status - Okay")

    15) To root your device, type the following code into the terminal, hitting return after each line:

    chmod +x

    16) The terminal should say:

    downloading 'boot.img'... OKAY
    booting... OKAY

    17) You will now see the black Google screen with the lock icon at the bottom

    18) Your phone should reboot automatically after a couple minutes on the Google screen. If, and only if, your phone doesn't reboot automatically after 5 minutes, unplug the usb cable and perform a battery pull

    19) Put your battery back in if necessary and power on your device

    20) Be patient while it boots up, and don't worry - first boot may take up to 5 minutes (as sbenson suggests, remember to breathe!)

    21) You will need to set up your phone now and log into Google, etc.

    22) Confirm Superuser app in your app tray

    23) Open Superuser, go into settings (top right, wrench icon), scroll down and "tap to check for updates." Tap "update anyway." You should get a red warning for busybox, but everything else should be green

    24) Open up the market and download the BusyBox installer app

    25) Install Busybox following the instructions in the app

    26) You should now be able to reboot your phone and it will have root

    Now that youíre unlocked and rooted, go here and get instructions on how to get Clockwork recovery on your Nexus: [HOW-TO] CWM on LTE Version through Rom Manager - RootzWiki

    Many, many thanks to all cited above and to Paul OíBrien for creating superboot!
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    ok i have a big problem i do all the proces to unlock and say unlock but this rocs supost to wipe all data and when i reboot the phone all data is intact but say unlock( 2) ok then i do the process of root and the phone stay stuck for ever on the google screen like for 40 min idecide to remove he cable and the battery and rebooted ok nothing wipe no sing in for nothing i have super user installed i install busy box installed when i open busy box say no root access so i try to put in recovery and get stock with a android robot and a red triangle with a question mark inside and icant do anything so i have to take out the batt and reboot again . please help me iam goin crazy . ihave version 4.0.4

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    When you get the android with red triangle press all three buttons (volume up&down + power). from there try doing factory data reset.

    Before you flash anything can you get back to stock? How to get back to stock using Odin

    Have you backed up your files and pictures? I see too many desperate cries for help recovering deleted priceless pictures with no solution.

    Need to hard reset? How to Hard Reset-Factory Data Reset.



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