My perspective of the Galaxy Nexus - upgrading from a 10 year old smartphone.

This is a discussion on My perspective of the Galaxy Nexus - upgrading from a 10 year old smartphone. within the Galaxy Nexus General Discussion forums, part of the Galaxy Nexus Forum category; For 10 years the mobile marketeers have been pushing this "upgrade" concept on us. They have even disguised the meaning of the word. Don't they ...

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    My perspective of the Galaxy Nexus - upgrading from a 10 year old smartphone.

    For 10 years the mobile marketeers have been pushing this "upgrade" concept on us. They have even disguised the meaning of the word. Don't they mean "replace"?

    Anyway, I am a gadget lover, but it has taken me nearly 10 years to "upgrade" to the Galaxy Nexus. The reason? I had a damned good smartphone all that time, the Sony Erricsson P910. Now this was one of the earliest smartphones, but it really kicked arse. It was responsive, and I had killer apps on it like tomtom and even a flight simulator.

    Now I have upgraded to the Galaxy Nexus, and what a jump! Of course I am over the moon with the
    GN, and I knew what I was getting as I always do heavy research before buying technology. But I
    do believe I have a perspective on the modern phone era that you may find interesting. Of course I could go on all day about the great things, but there would be no benefit from that. So instead I am going to concentrate on the surprises and disappointments that I have experienced, in the hope that I can seed these ideas in others and contribute to the world of technology today.

    So, the screen. Always goes off when sleeping. Now I understand that screens of this size and ability are going to suck mega juice, but phones used to dim the backlight to minimal so that the screen could always be read. This is a step backwards. I know there is no longer one 'backlight' and now each pixel is its own source of light. So how about toning down the whole contrast of the screen to minimise power consumption. It's almost as if the phone could do with a separate LCD screen to permanently display the vitals statuses. Hold that thought... the softkeys... if only they were said LCD display. That way, the softkeys would not be a waste of screen real estate, would be configurable by the OS, and while the phone is asleep, could display the vital stats. A bizarre mis-mash thought I know, but it does seem that things go in cycles, and we must wait for the technology, again, for our phones to continue to display information when not being touched.

    On a related note, all this sleeping is making me push the power button a lot. And it feels a bit weak. Is no one else concerned that the power button is going to break and render the phone unusable? Now, wouldn't it have been great if Samsung had given us a couple of AUXILIALY buttons below the power button? Then we could use software to map these keys to whatever we like. Maybe the camera shutter, or more relevantly, we would be able to use those keys as the power button, in the event of the power button wearing out.

    What ever happened to dials being 'in'. Remember all the cameras getting dials, because they are intuitive and easy to use? Smartphones had dials too, on the left of the phone as the volume control. My old P910 smartphone had one, it was called a 'jog dial' I believe. Now this dial was genius, it could be turned up or down to control volume, or scrolling. I could also had three other activations - it could be pushed back, forward and in! This offered great possibilities for convenient control. I don't understand why such a dial is not on the GN. Scrolling would sometime be much more convenient with said dial I would have though. When did dials go back out of fashion? I'm sure they will be back.

    Lastly, on to the physical design of the phone. Its very smooth, very light, very droppable. Yes, I do believe that I were design the most droppable phone, it would probably be just like the GN.
    The back is alright as it has a rubbery feel. I realise they don't want to make the bezel sides rubbery as they can scratch and age, but I would have preferred it this way. Anyway it's a moot point as I have added a case, and I do appreciate the extra protection.

    Speakers. Now I really do think we are getting short changed as consumers in this department. Very quiet speaker on these smartphones today. I know about Volume+. Now I have owned a little Ultra Mobile PC computer called the HTC shift for about 4 years. It has LOUD, brilliant quality, tiny stereo speakers, one at each side of the device. I seriously think that all high end smartphones should be sporting stereo speakers at the top and bottom of the screen these days. Especially with the devices being so movie capable.

    Well, that's my lot for now. I hope that my thoughts are seen as a fresh perspective, rather than the critics of a madman! I certainly appreciate all the wonder things about this amazing phone.

    Android the OS has impressed me greatly with its slickness.

    Thanks for reading.

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